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Venue marketing made simple

Accurate 3D floor plans
  • Floor plans are extremely useful to event planners. A planner can begin mentally mapping their event onto your area by just presenting your floor plans.
Stunning 3D visuals
  • Would you book a venue if the visuals were not compelling? Showcase your space with stunning professional 3D highlighting some unique features that make it more than just possible.
3D video walkthroughs
  • Virtual tours allow you to show planners your space without them ever stepping foot into it, taking the experience to the next level.
Available Anytime, Anywhere
  • Present your venue on every device for easy access for your clients.
Get More Leads
  • Get that momentum with a steady stream of quality leads and best navigate them through an innovative online hub for the event industry.

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Get a 3D venue. Event professional? Then Designa is for you. Design your event in 3D.

What sets us apart?

Why Choose Designa?
  • See your event in 3D instantly
  • Shortlist your favorite venues, suppliers, and planners
  • Boost your brand with Designa
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to find inspirations
  • Provides ultra-realistic floorplan
  • Accepts add-on services
  • Create a digital catalogue
  • Compatible with Web, Android and iOS mobile application
  • Get expert advice from professionals
  • An inbuilt quoting system
  • Live chat with prospective clients
What do you get with online directory services?
  • Irrelevant leads
  • Complex structure for users
  • Expensive subscription plan
  • No control to filter trolls
  • Hidden costs
  • Low ROI
  • Increased clutter
What to do you get with venue finding service?
  • Grouped with irrelevant services
  • Vague information
  • One size fits all offering

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