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10+ Trendiest Wedding Themes Ideas for Summer You Cannot Overlook

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Summertime is the wedding season! Like most couples, you are probably scrambling to come up with unique and trendy ideas for your summer wedding. Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the top 10 trendiest wedding themes ideas for summer. From rustic elegance to a beach paradise, there is something for everyone on this list. So sit back, relax, and start dreaming about your perfect summer wedding!

Why Summer Wedding?

1. Stunning Weather

While rain can be charming in its own right, if you want a sunny wedding day, summer is the way to go! It’s natural to be concerned about the weather on your wedding day, but for summer weddings, sunshine and warmth abound, making for an ideal setting for outdoor weddings and photos.

2. Infinite Attire Options

Warm weather also means a growing variety of clothing options. With no need to worry about freezing during your photos, the possibilities for more casual and free wardrobe choices are limitless.

Summer – Best time for the perfect wedding.

Options abound, whether it’s light and breezy chiffons for the bride or sundresses for the bridesmaids. Summer weddings offer an abundance of options, whether you want to go for a more elegant look or a more laid-back vibe.

3. Extended Daytime Hours

Summer weddings provide beautiful, extended daytime hours. The golden hour lasts a long time, giving you plenty of time to capture those special moments and create stunning photos to remember your special day for years to come. The extended hours also allow you to plan an outdoor wedding. Whether you start in the morning or the afternoon, daylight abounds, and you can go about your day without worrying about running out of light.

4. Makes Menu Planning Easy

Summer is the season when the best farm produce is available to spice up your wedding menu. You still have a lot of options if you stick to local or seasonal foods. This allows you to create a stunning and vibrant wedding menu.

The “Coolest” Wedding Themes Ideas for Summer

1. Tropical

Bring great experiences to guests with a tropical theme.

A tropical theme is one of the unique wedding themes ideas for summer. This theme is ideal for a destination wedding because it features bold, bright summer wedding theme colours. Decorate with fresh fruit centrepieces, potted palm trees, and garlands of tropical flowers. Dress your bridesmaids or wedding party in bright colours or island prints, add tropical flowers to your hair, or use tropical flower petals to decorate the floor.

2. Rustic Boho

Rustic boho summer wedding themes for unique weddings.

The rustic boho look is timeless due to its DIY appeal and cozy aesthetic. Rustic summer wedding themes are ideal for a barn or backyard wedding, but they can be used at any wedding venue.

Natural elements to incorporate into your decor include warm-toned woods, twine, dried flowers, and rope. Colour can be added to the space by using fresh wildflowers and plants. Make your own chalkboard wedding signs and erect a rustic pallet wall as a backdrop for a DIY photo booth area.

3. Beach Wedding

Summer beach wedding themes are always a great choice for couples.

When you think of summer outdoor wedding ideas, summer beach wedding ideas always spring to mind. An outdoor ceremony on the sand could be ideal for you and your partner.

Flowers line the sandy aisle before reaching a driftwood arch at the end, keeping things simple and sophisticated. Prepare mini parasols and fans for your guests to take home as wedding favours.

4. Vintage

Vintage wedding theme for a romantic wedding.

Vintage weddings are always stunning. If you’ve reserved a traditional, timeless wedding venue, this could be the perfect theme for your summer wedding.

Make your entrance and exit in a vintage vehicle. Traditional floral arrangements line the aisles. To complete the look, wear a vintage wedding gown or suit and have your bridal party wear quirky, mismatched vintage bridesmaid dresses.

5. Soft Pastels

Romantic style with soft pastel themes.

We love the idea of theming your celebration around a soft pastel colour palette for a soft, romantic look. Choose accent colour and incorporate it into your wedding invitations, outfits, tableware, and decor. Request that your florist create beautiful pastel-coloured bouquets of hydrangeas. Continue the theme with a multi-tiered pastel wedding cake or cupcakes in each of the colours you’ve chosen.

6. Sunflowers

Unique summer wedding reception ideas with sunflowers

Replace your traditional bridal summer wedding bouquets with a handful of lovely sunflowers, and make sure there are plenty of them as decor around your ceremony and reception. To keep the theme going, use warm yellows and burnt oranges as accent colours.

Choose a bright and bold cake topper or an understated sunflower edible topper. Send your guests home with a packet of their very own sunflower seeds as a cute wedding favour idea.

7. Secret Garden

A garden-themed wedding is enchanted, romantic, and perfect for summer

Instead of the traditional white wedding gown or black-tie suit, opt for something with a floral pattern or a soft pastel tone. Throw an adult tea party on the lawn, complete with vintage china, napkins, and tableware.

Fresh peonies and summer wedding flowers in colourful vases and bunting all around will brighten up the table. Serve a variety of light bites and mini cakes alongside fruit tea and floral-themed cocktails.

8. Carnival

The special idea for an unforgettable wedding.

Consider a carnival-style celebration for a fully immersive theme. Transform your typical wedding reception white tent into a circus tent and enjoy all of the old-fashioned fun and intrigue of this party idea.

Encourage your guests to wear something bright and unusual. Replace traditional sit-down meals with food trucks and ice cream trucks.

9. Fairytale Whimsical

Unique wedding theme ideas.

Head out into the woods for a ceremony under a canopy of trees, then dine at a long table lit by charming string lighting. Request a folk band to perform while you dance, and make your own fanciful signature drinks with natural ingredients and flavours.

Increase the magical element by mentioning wizards and folk tales, or incorporate fairy homes among the trees as part of your whimsical decor.

10. Eco Chic

The wedding theme is great for a romantic wedding.

Select a wedding venue that is environmentally conscious, and use our customizable digital invitations instead of paper ones. Highlight eco-friendly decor and modes of transportation, and replace any single-use items with reusable ones.


Summertime is the perfect season to have an outdoor wedding. The warm weather and long days make it possible to have your ceremony and reception outdoors without worrying about the weather being too cold or the sun setting too early.

There are a lot of different trends that you can take inspiration from when planning your summer wedding, and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite wedding themes ideas for summer for you to consider. What trend will you be incorporating into your own big day?

Check out more useful articles from Designa’s blog to receive great ideas for your wedding day. Or you can visit Designa Studio to see more spring wedding venues and inspirations for your big day, and even start creating your dream wedding in 3D.

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