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Designa – The Best Wedding Planning Software for Wedding Planners

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The best wedding planning software for wedding planners comes with a variety of different features and tools to help you design and plan your events accordingly.

And if you’re looking for the perfect tool to use on your upcoming wedding projects, then Designa is certainly the best option.

Find out more about the software and its available features for professional planners and end consumers with our following article.

Learn more about our amazing wedding planning software

For professional planners

Wedding planners and other professionals will find themselves enjoying many perks and benefits from having Designa enabled.

Enjoy easy collaboration and promotions

With the all-in-one platform, Designa users will find it quite easy to connect with suppliers and request design quotes from customers regarding weddings. Feel free to communicate and ensure seamless collaborations throughout the events.

Here you can use the simple sharing options to show your ideas and design inspirations to couples without requiring them to install any software.

And if you ever want to promote your wedding planning services, Designa also provides an online marketplace for everyone to join.

Allow customers to take a look at your wedding inspirations. Share your works from Designa with others. And have no trouble with your services on the platform.

Add values to your pitch packs

To make it easier to create your pitch packs in Designa and for them to be accepted, the app will provide predefined elements and simple tools to showcase your designs and ideas.

Here, you’ll find specific products from in-app suppliers who can provide you with actual goods for the preparation processes. Feel free to browse the list of the best suppliers to send in your pitch to customers.

Also, discover real-life venues with complete details regarding their locations and measurements. The various attributes and multiple options will allow you to always find the best venues for your customers.

Finally, the processes of organizing quotes and decorations will be completed using the provided features in the wedding planning software for wedding planners.

Work on 2D and 3D designs

Design anytime and anywhere with Designa

And when it comes to the actual wedding layouts, designs, and showcases, Designa offers a wide variety of tools and assets to help you with the processes.

Here, the design templates and predefined elements let you quickly realize your design ideas on the platform. And feel free to use the real products to work on demonstrating your own design concepts.

The app allows users to quickly create accurate 2D floor plans, then provides you with quick and easy features to have them realized in 3D. Feel free to improve your designs and apply new concepts to your 3D works.

Feel free to work with accurate 3D models of actual objects and products from suppliers and venues on the platform. Save your custom designs and models as intellectual property that you can reuse or share with others to make the Designa 3D library a lot more useful.

With intuitive and immersive designs, wedding planners in Designa will make sure that couples can fully comprehend the event layouts and decorations.

Feel free to share your works within the wedding planning software for wedding planners. Or you can generate your photorealistic images for non-Designa users.

For end consumers and self-planners

And when it comes to the end users, Designa will provide a handful of different features to help you work on your designs, regardless of your experiences.

Work your own self-planned weddings

To start with, you can immediately browse the massive library of wedding inspirations on Designa, with multiple setups of different topics and themes. Find your favourite designs and start to enable their own interesting elements in your works.

Here, the app provides inspiration from real venues, suppliers, and products which you can immediately interact with. And feel free to engage directly for quotes and wedding suggestions.

Choose the certain wedding professionals with their different venues and products that you wish to feature at your events. You can then create your vision boards to connect with certain suppliers who can bring your wedding ideas to life.

Feel free to use the wedding planning software for wedding planners to continue your design and planning processes, as well as to stay connected to the selected service providers.

Create beautiful 3D designs of your own weddings

Create beautiful wedding designs in 3D

And if you’re interested in the actual design processes, Designa will provide all the tools necessary for you to get started immediately.

Upon choosing your inspirations and visions from the in-app library. You can have Designa help you with the design dimensions and suitable products, depending on your budget and the amounts of attendees.

Quickly bring your visions to life using intuitive 3D design interfaces. Here, the app will let you enable the most accurate placements of objects, decors, and fixtures with simple 3D interactions. Enjoy seeing exactly how the event would look on that important day.

You can easily plan the number of tables, guests per table, and their placements with Designa. Always make use of the intuitive floor plan to have a comprehensive overview of the layouts. Make sure there are no obstructed views, and your guests are perfectly comfortable.

Stay connected with the professionals

Here in Designa, couples can freely plan their weddings and then use the platform to easily collaborate with venue owners and the selected suppliers.

Feel free to work on your own wedding designs and then share them with the actual professionals so they can provide their own unique takes on the planning of your weddings.

By selecting their services, you will have their guaranteed support from start to finish when planning and organizing your own weddings.

In addition, you’ll also have the professional teams of designers and wedding planners at Designa, whom you can always turn to when preparing for the most important day of your life.

So to sum things up..

The process of planning and organizing a wedding can be quite tenacious and tricky, even for professionals.

Most of the time, you’ll need to do the research manually to find design ideas and wedding setups that match your preferences.

And you’ll have to check with venues and suppliers to make sure that their properties and services are available on certain dates.

Most importantly, the floor plans and layouts must always be prepared and ready by professionals to help you visualize the entire setups, which can be both time-consuming and costly.

That being said, with the best wedding planning software for wedding planners of Designa, you can avoid much of the tedious work and have all the professional wedding organizers helping you during the process.

So, make sure to check on it if you want to save time and improve the quality of your work.

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