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Venue Marketing Trend: Is This The Future of Event Marketing?

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Virtual Venue Tour is The New Normal

Virtual Venue Tour: As we face tremendous uncertainty from this pandemic and lockdown, everything in the events business has changed – from a reduced capacity to postponement and a greater emphasis on sanitation and distancing measures. We’ll concentrate on only one of the things that will need to change during the lockdown: site visits.

The New Site Visit

With the restrictions expected to last several weeks or even months, clients seek alternatives to secure venues without going to site viewings. 3D tours are an excellent method to visualise an area without having to physically see it. This not only allows you to work around the current constraints but also saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent planning and conducting a site visit.

The Pros of Virtual Venue Tour

Being able to provide a virtual site visit that will persist long after the lockdown has many advantages: 

1. Improved enquiries and higher conversions

Allowing your clients to look at the venue’s layout and the available spaces can help you filter enquiries that aren’t a good fit for the space. You’ll have more time to focus on the queries that are more likely to convert as a result. 

2. Save time and effort

We predict significant demand for venue spaces as we emerge from the lockdown and limitations on gatherings begin to loosen. If an event planner or a client can conduct a virtual site visit with you over the phone rather than scheduling a physical site visit, you will save time and limit face-to-face interaction.

3. Better customer service

Event planners and couples are constantly beset by delays in the venue booking process, ranging from waiting for venue responses to obtaining management approval and last-minute changes. It is undeniable that the better the service provided by a venue, the more likely a client is to book. So you’re not only making your job easier, but you’re also making the client’s job easier.

Venue Virtual Tours – Why Right Now?

Have you taken advantage of the uncertainty to improve your online virtual experience? This is the ideal time to evaluate your online guest experience and improve what you already have. As the pandemic brings more turmoil to the events industry, now is the moment to take advantage of the new normal. Most people keep their daily activities going through the internet and technology. This is perfect timing to exhibit your venue’s unique features on their gadgets and establish an online presence. Having a 3D tour will give them the confidence to book with you even if they haven’t seen your place in person.

Yes, it is possible to go on a virtual tour. This is something we’ve emphasized to our local venues, particularly those in special events and wedding locations, as a means to show off their facilities to planners and potential clients who can’t visit right now.

How do I Create a Venue Virtual Tour ?

Designa Stuido has helped leading hotels and venues in Australia to get professional 3D renders and tours. Register on the link below for us to schedule you a demo. You are one step closer to showcasing beautiful events designed by you.

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