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Amazing Self Catering Wedding Venues in Sydney!

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Self Catering Wedding Venues in Sydney

One of the most prominent wedding trends today is setting up a wedding party with self-catering. The following article will provide you with information about the outstanding features, functions, and layout of the wedding space as well as the advantages and limitations of this form of wedding organization. Besides, some self catering wedding venues in Sydney would be suggested to suit your wedding.

Self Catering Wedding is Recent Popular Wedding Trends!

Self Catering Wedding Venues have become more and more a wedding trend chosen by couples in recent times because of the highlights and conveniences it brings.

Self-catering wedding venue is known as a special form of wedding organization in which guests are comfortable and free to operate in the wedding space. It is easy to see these wedding venues opened and developed in Sydney to meet the growing needs of couples for special and exciting weddings.

This trend brings convenience and freedom to guests as well as saves time and service in terms of the organizers when guests are free to choose what they want to eat or related services.

The Functionalities and Features of Self Catering Wedding Venues in Sydney!

A Self Catering Wedding Venues in Sydney has distinctive features that are unlike any other form of wedding organization. Normally, a self-catering wedding venue is held with both standing and sitting parties with a range of food and related services arranged and served on a large banquet table. Everyone participating in the party can freely and freely choose food and drink and interact with each other.

The self-catering wedding space is not only confined to the indoor space but can also be expanded to the outdoor space with impressive views.

Self-catering wedding space opens up an unforgettable memory for wedding couples and guests with interesting experiences such as eating while enjoying romantic melodious music. In addition, the large space next to the banquet table can be a place for guests to dance the lovely Waltz together, creating a more romantic atmosphere for the party.

Several Benefits as well as Disadvantages of Self Catering Wedding Venues

The advantages that Self catering wedding Venues in Sydney brings to couples are huge.                                        

The first thing is the new experience that this form of organization brings to the guests coming to the party. Instead of the traditional form of organizing a wedding party with neatly set up tables and chairs in advance, dishes served to each guest and static party space, self-catering weddings create a feeling of freedom and comfort for each guest.

Guests can freely choose their favourite food, and get the right amount of food as well as the necessary services without having to worry about other services. This kind of wedding creates a relaxed and free atmosphere for all the guests as well as the wedding organizers. Self-catering weddings also help couples save a part of wedding costs, reducing their economic burden.

Besides the highlights and benefits of self-catering wedding, there are some minor disadvantages of this form of wedding. Sometimes guests will feel like they are not well served when they have to choose the food and related services themselves. In addition, in some cases, the wedding organizers will have to work harder to clean up after the wedding takes place because food and leftovers are thrown around.

Based on the highlights as well as the excellent services provided, here are the best self-catering wedding venues in Sydney that Designa Studio recommends to you can choose for your wedding.

Constellation at Prestige Harbour Cruises

If you are looking for an ideal self catering wedding venues in sydney with a beautiful view of Sydney Harbor, Constellation at Prestige Harbor Cruises is an excellent choice.

It’s located in King Street, Sydney, 2000.

A wedding to forget will be adorned with stunning views of Sydney Harbor from the deck of the Constellation. Spacious wedding space with 3 modern decks and 2 fully equipped bars to serve all needs on Sydney Harbour. Additional amenities include a spacious dance floor, a diverse menu for guests to choose from, and a wide deck for a panoramic view of the sea around.

panoramic view of the sea
Panoramic view of the sea
  • Allow for inside and outside self-catering.
  • The venue serves from 50 to 400 guests.
  • Price: From $3400 per hour fee

Park Room at Waterview in Bicentennial Park

If you are looking for a luxurious and classy wedding space with beautiful surroundings, Park Room at Waterview in Bicentennial Park is a great solution.

It’s located in Bicentennial Dr, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia.

Park Room is an ideal space for you to hold a private wedding party with friends and relatives. The open space is decorated with gardens and lakes in the background, creating a beautiful scene like a fairyland. You can choose from a buffet or a sit-down with self-catering foods served.

A luxurious and classy wedding space
A luxurious and classy wedding space

You will be well-served with accompanying amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TV, food service, and shimmering decorations for couples and guests to have an unforgettable wedding experience.

  • This venue can accommodate up to 540 guests at a time.
  • Price: About $80 per person.

Lion Gate Lodge

You can get lost in one of the most beautiful spaces to hold your big self catering wedding venues in sydney, Lion Gate Lodge.

Lion Gate Lodge was built in 1878 with a Victorian sandstone design. Guests will experience a fairy-tale wedding space with country-style gardens, courtyards and paved walkways, and distinctive arches that evoke scenes of princesses playing by the window.

A Fairy-tale wedding space
A Fairy-tale wedding space

You will be very proactive in setting up and decorating the space to your liking with unique ideas because the castle is completely unfurnished. Self-catering wedding is completely easy and convenient for you. The castle grounds are very large with car parking and garden space for you to freely decorate with your own theme.

  • It is located at Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
  • This castle can accommodate up to 180 guests

Exclusive Venue Hire at the Royal Exchange of Sydney

If you are looking for a self catering wedding venues in sydney with an ancient but equally luxurious and luxurious atmosphere, you should choose Exclusive Venue Hire at the Royal Exchange of Sydney.

It is located at 1 Gresham St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

This space is designed specifically for your big wedding day with a classic and elegant style. The areas are designed to be as eye-catching as adorning your wedding day picture more brilliantly. You can freely choose the forms of in-house or outdoor self-catering wedding in a large space of this venue full of accompanying amenities.

 A big wedding day with classic and elegant style
A big wedding day with classic and elegant style
  • The space is large enough to accommodate events of all sizes – from as little as ten people up to 200 people.
  • Price: The ideal cost is about $15 per person.


Hopefully, some information on self catering wedding venues in Sydney will help you make the best choices for your own wedding. If you can’t decide yet, check out our Blog Designa Studio for more articles on Sydney wedding venues!

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