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Pandemic Wedding Trends That Aren’t Going Away Any Time Soon

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One winning strategy we learned from the pandemic is to be more adaptive. As the internet and digital technology have become more necessary and widely used, businesses are forced to adjust and embrace the new normal to stay relevant. Here, event industry experts reflect on the pandemic’s positive impact on the weddings and events business, especially Pandemic Wedding Trends.

Outdoor Spaces Will Continue To Be A Priority for Pandemic Wedding Trends

The popularity of outdoor ceremonies has exploded as the pandemic has encouraged us to enjoy the open air of the great outdoors. Fresh flowers, gentle breezes, lush grass, the sound of birds, and flowing water—all of these sensory components stimulate, delight, and soothe.

We anticipate that venue spaces featuring gardens, beaches, and destination weddings will continue to be the favored choice for couples planning wedding celebrations even once the pandemic is over.

Clients request venues with outdoor spaces, such as balconies, terraces, gardens, rooftops, or simply places with roll-gates or large windows that can swing open for maximum air circulation. We’ll see more elevated outdoor weddings in the future. Guests who attended these tiny, private affairs particularly loved the relaxed and very personal setting, which couples have learned offer many advantages during the pandemic.

For their wedding day, couples are flocking to their homes and family properties, which allows for longer weekend celebrations, fewer limits and time constraints, and more intimate-style parties.

Consider Well-Thought-Out Room Layouts

We used to cram visitors into little tables before the pandemic, assuming that this made things more convivial, cozier, and efficient in a smaller space. However, people nowadays feel more at ease when they have more personal space between them. The seating arrangement is something that was carefully addressed and necessary during the pandemic. The days of crowding tables and people into a small area have passed us by. While the waitstaff like having more space to work in which guests appreciate having more space.

A Win-win Situation To Virtual Planning

We’ve always been available digitally for our clients to provide answers to their questions and worries. We discovered that clients benefit from being able to plan virtually —not because they don’t want to meet in person, but because it works better for their hectic schedules. In addition, digital planning also provides a faster way of events customisation following the constantly changing health protocols and restrictions. 

We’ve evolved due to the pandemic and discovered that planning events and attending meetings remotely gives the same benefits as attending in person. The innovative way of meeting and planning with clients benefits venues and suppliers to save time, effort, and cost.

Configured Seating Charts

As a result of the limits imposed by the pandemic, dining tables were required to have allocated seating. We understand that configuring seating arrangements while maintaining physical distancing can be difficult for venues and hotels, especially with rapidly changing restrictions. It can also be stressful for guests who are unsure where they should sit. Thus seeing your event digitally before your big day is vital. Now, in Australia, top venues and suppliers are using 3D technology to fully customise the floor plan, seating charts, decors, and more. They have seen a significant improvement in designing and planning during lockdowns and limited face-to-face restrictions.

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