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How Technology Can Help Events Industry During Pandemic?

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Hosting meetings and events in a COVID-19-affected world has necessitated significant adjustments, particularly on the side of event planners and venues, endless scrambling which can often be stressful and thankless. To hold safe weddings and events, venues can access tools and resources to make their lives in this new world a little bit easier: health and safety regulations and technology solutions, to name a few.

This article delves into the topic of safe gatherings and events. We’ll look at how venues can thoroughly equip themselves with the tools and resources they need to get meetings and events back on track, as well as provide ideas and suggestions from industry experts to help you get back on track.

Before we get started, it’s vital to note that hotels and venues should stay current on all local, state, and federal guidelines to guarantee that all processes are followed to ensure that events remain safe.

Where should we begin with safe meetings in the event industry’s recovery?

Dates, pricing, and space are no longer the only considerations. Safety, efficiency, and openness are all essential factors in the future of the events industry. While in-person meetings and events have been stalled, innovation has been ramping up, finding long-term answers to intractable problems like pandemics and uncovering new ways to be more efficient at a larger scale.

3D: New trend for safe meetings and events

Time (and vaccines) will help clarify the recovery period, but one thing is sure: suppliers must embrace technology to ensure safe meetings and events. 3D modeling, for example, is an excellent tool in showcasing your venue anytime while staying regularly updated with the current COVID-19 restrictions. Using 3D technology lets you see your event and floor plan before the big day that will tell you what to do or remove to achieve a COVID-friendly event.

Advanced event space configuration for social distancing and safety

The reality of today’s in-person meetings is that smaller gatherings are held in ballrooms intended to have 300 people. As a result, room diagramming and interactive floor layouts are becoming indispensable tools – something that event planners are increasingly emphasizing. They’re curious about how the venue will accommodate laws while still providing a positive in-person experience.

Digital customer involvement and seating

The pandemic has ushered in significant changes in how we interact with customers and suppliers, one of which is the use of digital tools to assure safety and enhance the end to end event management and execution experience. More planning and involvement are sure to happen on digital media, from room diagramming to personalisation and coordination.

Future Ready with Designa

Remember that hotels and venues are critical to the industry’s recovery, which will likely look significantly different once events resume. Make sure you’re prepared so you can provide a safe environment for everyone involved.

Use Designa to plan your next event allows you to easily follow and adjust to meet all safety rules so that both guests and personnel have a safe experience. Users can now add specific safety criteria (number of guests per table, the distance between attendees, etc.) and safety objects like sanitization and temperature check stations to these tools.

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