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How 3D Technology Can Transform The Hospitality Industry?

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Augmented reality’s (AR) potential to attract customers, raise income, and generate more bookings has been recognized by the hospitality and tourism industries. AR is used in these interactive tours to provide prospective visitors with an immersive, 360-degree walkthrough of the venue so they can get a feel for it before making a reservation. However, did you know that augmented reality (AR) was first developed in 1957 and, four years later, the first 3D model? Clearly, the world has taken a long time to accept and understand its value. Today, the world is now able to use this immersive technology for business purposes, especially in the hospitality industry.

Without a doubt, AR technologies are providing the hotel industry with a plethora of new ways to interact with clients and guests. There are several reasons why venues should invest in this technology, ranging from offering a virtual tour of guest rooms or events space prior to booking to assisting local and international travelers. We’ll look at five reasons why venues must invest in 3D tours and walkthroughs.

1. Showcase your venue anytime, anywhere

Several well-known venues around the world are using augmented reality brochures to show prospective guests their accommodations and amenities. Guests can see the virtual layout of the space they want to book, as well as other facilities like the pool, spa, and function spaces. Through this way, it enables customers to choose to visit your venue from the convenience of their own homes. Customers can browse your property with a 3D virtual tour to gain interest by clicking the “book now” button in selecting their next visit.

2. Wider exposure to events organisers

3D images are great for attracting event organizers to your website because they rank well on Google Image search results, particularly when properly configured for file names, sizes, alt tags, and captions in targeted languages. Your venue will be in front of mind when professional partners present to their clients and your premises might be their next destination wedding.

3. Website visitors that convert into clients

Impressive and striking photos capture the interest of the viewer – an instant “wow!” aspect that can convert a potential customer. This works both online and offline – 3D graphics are an excellent way for sales teams to present their venues in a realistic and appealing manner.

4. 3D Plans Don’t Suffer Technical Errors

3D plans, unlike video tours, and flash-based web galleries, are free of technical issues and extremely dynamic. 3D plans are lightweight, simple to share and download, provide an instant way to compare and select venues, and available in a range of formats. In addition, it has interactive features such as pan and zoom functions and pop-ups.

What Designa Can Do?

Using powerful machine learning, Designa lets clients imagine event spaces with realistic 3D renders – in the spaces they can see themselves. Clients can compare various room sizes and styles right away, choose the best venues and furniture setups, and schedule logistics, people flow, and break-out sections all in real-time. Experience the wonders of 3D today with Designa.

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