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Save These Affordable Wedding Venues Melbourne for Your Special Day

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You’re getting married in a few months and the thoughts of getting to create beautiful memories in the gorgeous white dress with dazzling background excite you. It’s gonna be a huge day.

As lovely as the idea of a wedding sounds, planning it surely isn’t an enjoyable journey. A lot of factors need to be considered, and your wedding budget isn’t unlimited. Especially when the matter of wedding venues comes up.

So for those who are searching for affordable wedding venues Melbourne, Designa Studio is here to help!

Tips on How to Stay on Budget with Affordable Wedding Venues Melbourne

Before giving you suggestions, let’s start with some tips first, shall we?

Affordable Wedding Venues Melbourne

Prioritise your needs

Diving into the planning process with your priorities written down beforehand can save you wedding celebrants quite a big deal of stress.

Having the perfect Melbourne wedding on a budget is definitely possible when you know what can be compromised and what can’t.

Is it the long guest list you must keep for a festive casual wedding venues Melbourne? Or the flamboyant decor with excessive amount of flowers? Or perhaps fancy catering?

Whatever you want your wedding to focus on, be sure to make notes so you can allocate your venue budget reasonably and go a bit easier on the negotiables.

Go into intricate details on what you need and the average cost

Once you have your needs down, break them into specific things – items that you have dreamed of having in your wedding for far too long that cutting them out would leave you feeling empty. Then do research on how much you should expect to spend on each of them.

Average wedding cost Melbourne has been rising in recent years, so another piece of advice is putting extra effort into preparing one special item. It will be the wow factor, the centre of everyone’s attention.

By doing so, you get to impress your guests without spending too much. Always remember, quality over quantity is the solution for affordable wedding.

Get a professional and experienced team of wedding planners

Individual needs may vary, but consulting wedding specialists is probably useful for everyone. In the case of tight timelines or destination weddings, where a lot of calculations must be made, a wedding planner team might even be compulsory.

They can provide you with wedding reception prices Melbourne or link you up with cheap wedding vendors and affordable wedding venues Melbourne. You may even find out about economical Melbourne hotel wedding packages thanks to them.

Couples can relieve stress and save time by having every aspect of their wedding ceremony taken care of.

Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Venues Melbourne that are Budget-Friendly

We have three price ranges for you to choose from!

Affordable wedding venues under $1000

Marquee at Cammeray Waters Function Centre

Affordable wedding venues under $1000 Marquee at Cammeray Waters Function Centre

The Marquee is excellent for a wedding reception setting overlooking a stunning private lake, and is only $900 minimum spend. In-house catering is available too.

The silk background runs from the ceiling to the floor inside, giving the room a romantic and intimate feel.

Beer Garden at Temperance Hotel

Affordable wedding venues under $1000 Beer Garden at Temperance Hotel

Small and easy weddings are suited to being hosted in the Beer Garden, especially in the summer.

Of all the affordable wedding venues Melbourne, this place offers too good of a deal for married couples at $21-$68 per person, plus wifi, air conditioning, and catering. As it is outdoors, natural light gives you a lot of photo opportunities as well!

Garden at Foothills Conference Centre

Garden at Foothills Conference Centre

Whether it’s for a beautiful, grand celebration or a small, personal wedding, Foothills Conference Centre is a good choice in Melbourne, Victoria. You may exchange wedding vows beneath a majestic, sturdy gazebo surrounded by lawns and old birch trees.

All of that, with an impressive hire fee of $600, makes this one of the cheap wedding venues Melbourne that will please you and also your pocket.

Affordable wedding venues between $1000 – $3000

Miss Morgan at The Victoria Hotel

Miss Morgan at The Victoria Hotel

Miss Morgan is a private dining room with something like a modern art-deco theme. In this room, there are elegant soft green chairs and chandeliers with a lot of sparkle.

With a price of $65 per head and a capacity of up to 40 people, this is the place for you if you’re going for a small, formal, and budget friendly wedding.

Entire Venue at The George Lounge

Entire Venue at The George Lounge

The George Lounge, with a capacity of 120 people, can handle gatherings of all sizes and may be customised to your needs.

Its modern interior, inspired by the laid-back ambiance of Miami and New York back in the 1970s, resembles a retro lounge. It provides a warm and inviting background for your affordable wedding venue.

Studio 1 at XO Studios

Studio 1 at XO Studios

Giant and brimming with sunlight, Studio 1 has 330m2 of area, making it ideal for the wedding of your dreams. Amenities like projectors, wi-fi, and air conditioning with catering are available with a price starting at $2750.

Affordable wedding venues under 5000

Glass Pavilion at Harbour Kitchen

Glass Pavilion at Harbour Kitchen

The Harbour Kitchen is the next of today’s affordable wedding venues Melbourne. Its focus is on providing a unique and warm atmosphere for your reception room. The catering menus can be tailored to individual preferences, and the drinks are diverse.

You can get this magnificent harbour view and a minimum spending plan for just $4600.

Main Function Room & Bar at Olinda Tea House

Main Function Room & Bar at Olinda Tea House

Olinda Tea House is probably a familiar wedding venue for a lot of people. With this section of the building, you receive natural lightning with a heat retention structure, catering, and a capacity of 80 standing guests.

It is the ideal venue for its unmatched charm, with a price starting at $3,300 minimum spend.


From mellow garden parties to exquisite conference weddings, there are tons of options and hacks so you can stay within your budget while getting married happily. Make sure to remember the tips we have shared above.

We hope you found your ideal cheap wedding venue Melbourne in our article. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us for support!

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