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4 Ways to Improve Visual Storytelling in Venues

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Consider the nature of human relationships for a moment. Friendships are formed by relating to others – by finding common ground or sharing fun experiences that endear us to them. And storytelling is one of the most common ways we build these connections. 

The same approach may be applied to the way we tell a brand’s story. How would you describe a typical day at your venue to your clients on the internet? Given that 75% of people are skeptical of traditional means of marketing and that we are bombarded with thousands of marketing communications every day, you must find a way to break through the clutter in a meaningful way.

Did the event really happen if it wasn’t shared on Instagram? It’s a question that both venue managers and event planners may ponder. We will focus on how you can improve storytelling through striking 3D images and videos that can boost your brand’s marketing drastically. 

Discover the most effective visual storytelling approaches

Venues may start the ball rolling by improving their visual storytelling both before and during their events. You may showcase your unique facilities and experiences whether or not your site has stunning gardens and infinite lake or city vistas. You can present important content to customers without actually “selling” your hotel by adopting storytelling in your hotel marketing plan. Instead, you’re interacting and authentically demonstrating why they should select you over your competition.

You’ll need to show off your outdoor spaces or grand ballrooms for couples, which virtual venue tours can help you do that. However, since planners and clients consider the overall visitor experience when selecting a location, any high-quality, well-staged 3D photographs and video of the property go a long way with them.

The following are essential for the best venue visual storytelling: 

1.    Interactive floor plans of meeting spaces that illustrate the view from each seat.

2.    Highlight the stage with floor diagrams showing how your guests can connect.

3.    Feature various angles of the room and details such as tables and chairs conveyed by 3D professional artists.

4.    Videos of the space, recorded within the rooms from your main entrance.

Not just showcase to your website but make sure to share your virtual venue tour on social media. Remember to use newer, fast social networks like Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or TikTok for a broader engagement.

When it comes to the event, aim to create aesthetically appealing experiences. Planners will not only share images and recommendations with their colleagues, but guests will also help you reach out to their networks by posting photos online. Creating your own digital catalogue or look book is the best way to showcase past events held at your venue.

Learn more about how to sell your venue with visual storytelling

Designa is a marketing solution made for the people in the events industry. It has helped leading hotels and venues in Australia improve online brand presence and get quality leads. You can also stay connected with your clients and other suppliers with our in-built messaging functionality. Not to mention our market-leading 3D platform that lets you see your venue and end event in an ultra-realistic view, a significant advantage in the current industry. 

Discover how your venue can use innovative technology on social media to create a significant impact, as seen in this video. Register on the link below for us to schedule you a demo. You are one step closer to showcasing beautiful events designed by you.

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